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Facebook can be launching a news service that will pay publishers for content

The platform is criticized for taking advertising cash away from newspapers and publications, forcing them to shut down.
Despite the problems caused by Facebook’s algorithmic news feed, specifically the spread of fake news and misinformation, the social network desires to push itself deeper into the news cycle.

The social media platform is attempting to launch a “news tab” this autumn, and is presently in talks with publishers to pay the maximum amount as $3 million (£2.4 million) to license content as well as stories and headlines, in line with the Wall Street Journal. It’s not clear if that figure is for individual publishers or a complete payment to all news organizations.

Facebook has pitched the service to news outlets as well as ABC News, Dow Jones, the Washington Post and Bloomberg.

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Does Buy Instagram Followers for $5 Really Exist?

Many people are interested in all cheap products and the same thing applies to those who buy Instagram followers for $5. Some people think this is a scam product though others may give real service with additional terms and conditions. People who have purchased Instagram followers and they receive very little or even no single comment or like on their pictures will realize that they have hired fake Instagram followers provider. Yet, there are still several providers which can give their best services though they offer reasonably priced service. If you want to make sure that the providers give the appropriate service, then you should read further about the terms and agreements before agreeing to buy the service.

Building network may be easy for those who have many friends and followers. But they still need a faster way to build their strong foundation on their social media existences. Having many friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter can guarantee good results in one’s popularity. But a person may still have to add their followers and friends to give more likes and comments on their statuses or pictures so that their popularity increases significantly. Those who are interested to buy Instagram followers for $5 may wish to spend less money for big efforts.They may have done the right thing when they really read about each point on terms and agreements carefully. Or else, they will be disappointed because they do not get what they need.

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Facebook aims to shake up finance with its Libra cryptocurrency.

The social network’s new cryptocurrency could fuel its e-commerce ambitions.

With Libra, Facebook is stepping into the cryptocurrency business.
Facebook changed the way we communicate. Currently the social media giant desires to change how its 2.38 billion users think about using a cryptocurrency to make everyday purchases.

The social network and its partners on Tuesday disclosed a digital coin called Libra, confirming details of a project that had been leaking out in dribs and drabs for months. Libra, which will be managed by a governing body and be backed by stable financial assets, is anticipated to debut in the first half of 2020.

Over the years, the world’s largest social network has allowed users to send money, purchase merchandise from retailers and sell their own used clothing and piece of furniture on its platform. With Libra, Facebook is encouraging all of those activities and more.

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Bella Hadid apologized for Instagram story that abused parts of the Arab community.

Palestinian-American supermodel Bella Had > supermodel Bella Hadid posted an apology to her Arab followers across her social media feeds on Monday after the Palestinian-American’s Sunday Instagram story sparked outrage.

A since-disappeared Instagram story showed Hadid’s shoe facing a row of planes, as well as one plane from Saudi Arabia and one from the United Arab Emirates, along with the caption “anotha one.” Showing the sole of your shoe is an insult in Arab culture, and the the} photo has also been perceived as showing Hadid kicking the planes.

In her apology, Hadid wrote “The photo of my shoe on my Story yesterday had NOTHING to do with politics.”

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