Instagram might let users post hour-long videos

Instagram is reportedly getting ready to launch a feature that may enable users to publish long-form video content.

Exceptionally long, in fact, compared to the one-minute long videos that Instagram presently has.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Instagram could shortly enable videos of up to 1 hour long. However, plans are still up in the air at this time.

“The Facebook Inc.-owned photograph and video sharing app is getting ready to launch a brand new feature which will include long-form video, in line with people aware of the matter. The feature, which could enable videos of up to an hour long, will concentrate on vertical video, or video that’s taller than it’s wide, one of the individuals said. Until now, Instagram hasn’t allowed users to post any videos longer than one minute.

The people said the plans are tentative and subject to change.
In recent weeks, Instagram has had conversations with content creators and publishers regarding manufacturing long-form video for the platform, an individual conversant in the matter same. The feature, if it launches, can do therefore at intervals the Instagram app, another person same“.

The idea of long-form video content on Instagram isn’t as far-fetched of a concept as it might at first sound.

Live videos in Instagram stories can presently last up to one-hour long, and are then accessible to view for up to 24-hours.

It’s potential that Instagram has gleaned enough information from its live videos which recommend users have an interest in watching longer content on the platform.

This would further separate Instagram from competitors like Snapchat, which still focuses on short-form short-lived content.

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